December 2, 2009

Revisiting The Historic Nativity Scene

Today, homeschoolers did some review of history. We looked at what happened on the day Jesus was born. We spent more time learning details about the magi who followed the the star to find the baby whom they wanted to worship. Homeschoolers learned that they were wise men from the east who put their wisdom in good use by not reporting back to king Herod. They were impressed by the wise men's determination of finding the special baby born on that specific day the star appeared. Those wise men (plural but the number was not mentioned, 3 is a good assumption, though) left their comfort zones and faced dangers traveling (on camels maybe) to bring special gifts to the One who was (and is) worthy.

After our short discussion, they were excited to make their own interpretation of the nativity scene by using egg shells, paper cups, colored paper, yarn, glue gun and a black pen.

It was fun to talk more about this special event while creating the characters. They didn't want to experiment on baby Jesus so we agreed to use the ceramic one that we have. It is lovely to see a complete happy family picture!

With an angel and a cow joining in , that made the picture even lovelier.

The picture would not be complete without these wise men! The boys had a real fun creating these 3.

This project was completed in an hour!

I know we cannot keep this for next year's Christmas but I'm sure homeschoolers will keep in their hearts the details of the story they learned today.


  1. As always children, your crafts and activities bring JOY and SMILES to our day here in the USA!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely work!!!

  2. oh I missed this one, I Loooove it, it is so Cute :)


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