November 23, 2009

Stained Glass Crafts

This is another project that our homeschoolers enjoy making. We did this twice this year. This time is with a theme: Christmas! I expected to see a pointsettia, a wreath or a Christmas tree but homeschoolers have a different colorful idea in mind. They always love to deviate from what is common. Now, their crafts are beautifully hanging by our glass door, welcoming the most awaited Holiday season. They'll be adding more designs each week until Christmas day.

Here are the easy steps to make them:

First, you need to have a design on a square black cardboard. Draw your design at the back. Then cut through the lines using a cutter or scissors.

You need another black cardboard (no.2) which will be the back side. Trace your cut design on the back side of cardboard no.2. Then, you're ready to use your glue.

We use crepe papers. Japanese paper and water cellophane will do as fine. Once all holes are covered without overlapping, stick your cardboard no.2 on the other side using glue or double sided tape. So both sides now look the same. Using double sided tape, stick your gorgeous stain glass in any glass pane. The more sunlight it gets, the better it looks.

I'm sure you can now figure what to do with use own design. Happy crafting!

Credits: Thank you, Uncle Ben and auntie Emma, for teaching us how to do this!


  1. Thanks, we usually use crayons and melt inbetween wax paper, Ill have to show this to Jacob :)

  2. see the Bottom star? Where did you find that pattern :) I Looooooooooove it, Im doing our tree in blue and silver and would love to use blue and silver to make a couple of the stars :)

  3. You have a great idea here. I really like it. The designs are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.
    Hugs, Paula

  4. Where did you get those templates. We have made these before but the kids just made the black backgrounds by cutting freehand, and they were, naturally, not as professional looking as yours.

  5. Hi Phyllis!
    We don't have templates for this. The children drew their design on paper with the help of rulers and erasers. They also cut it by hand. But they needed our approval of their design before they can start cutting. ;)


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