November 1, 2009

The Painters' Trip To Art Gallery

I cannot overemphasize how much our homeschoolers love to paint! And I cannot imagine how much paper they've used since they were babies. It has become a family habit to bring pens and papers on the plane or in the train.

Although I studied Fine Arts and dear husband used to paint years back then, I seem to find myself short in building my children's skills and interest in this area. Just this month, a friend volunteered to help in our program. And when he saw our homeschoolers' artwork, he said, "I don't think I can do this subject because they seem to be better artist than I am." So he gladly did music and sports with them.

Why am I posting this? Ah, my point is that we don't need to be experts in all genre to be successful in homeschooling! Aside from the very good curriculum we use for our academic subjects, I am blessed to have friends and relatives who are willing to impart anything they are skillful with to our homeschoolers. And for the painting part, since I couldn't pull anybody to help me in this area, we took our aspiring painters to the art gallery. It's free! And they get to see the work of many professional artists. They also get to learn different styles, mediums, and brush strokes by just looking closely to the paintings with their keen eyes.

Here are some of the photos of our recent visit to the Art Gallery:

They may not end up becoming professional painters but it's good to give them the opportunity to think of this another good possibility for their future. Well, not to mention the joy of lingering on the things that are lovely and praiseworthy.

Here are some of their watercolor painting on Animal subject:

Zoe, 7 years old

Naomi, 9 years old

David, 13 years old

Ben, 15 years old

Thank you for taking time to visit our own gallery. Hope you get inspired to paint your own masterpiece.

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