November 13, 2009

Library, Bookshops, etc

We heard about the big public library up in a mall in the city center. Today, I took our homeschoolers on an hour taxi ride to the inner city to check it out. 4 homeschoolers, my niece and I, all 6, cramped inside the taxi.

True! The library is huge! First class with floor to ceiling shelves of good books. BUT it's not "public". You have to pay more than a hundred dollars a year for membership and the books are not for check out! Photocopy is allowed but it would cost you a fortune! My heart beat stronger for the children of poor families. I will build my own for them. Said my little heart full of big dreams. It's free for everyone!

I pleaded to allow us, non-members, even for a short while. "This is our field trip for our homeschool program" I said. "Ok, but make sure they don't make noise and run-around." Whoa! I don't wanna be in a library with too strict rules like that! And of course, my homeschoolers know library rules! Can you see the smoke coming out my ears now?! Well, to be fair, we enjoyed our short time browsing books which we cannot find anywhere else in this country. Dear husband and I even tried to reconsider becoming a member, calculated the cost...but no! Won't buy that idea.

So, to satisfy our desire to enjoy our liberty reading books, we proceeded to 2 book shops, spent more hours there, at eased and freer to show excitement over good finds.

Then we strolled a bit inside and outside the mall. Just the next block, we stopped by a small park with a playground.

All five had a good laugh playing while I enjoy taking pictures and watching them having fun.

Then we bought some Popsicles to cool us a bit after playing under the sun....

....and saw this flock of birds as we walk by to our next stop.

The second-hand book cafe. Ben found many favorite books and he wanted to buy all of them. I know, it took a lot of self-control for him to decide buying only one. I bought one, too! I was so thrilled to find a young reader edition of my favorite book, Three Cups of Tea!

As we walked to a good spot to get a taxi back home, we spotted a music school with a big piano design in front the building. I knew David was the most delighted to see this, so I took a solo picture of him.

David comes to join us once a week and does his academic subjects at home. He plays piano, violin, and guitar, and is part of the music band of their church.

That's our field trip today. We had a good one, don't you think so?

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