November 16, 2009

Book Donations

We were so thrilled as we filled the van with hundreds of brand-new books, not minding the heavy work of hauling them from the warehouse. Thank you to the Books for Asia Foundation. Our library is almost ready for the children in the community. Our homeschoolers are having a feast browsing the books and are also excited to share them to other children. We are hoping we can also provide storytelling and crafts for free on weekends.

It started as a dream, brewed in our prayers. Now, we're beginning to see it coming true.


  1. Your family is AMAZING Ruth!
    May God grant you every grace and blessing needed for this beautiful ministry to bear MUCH FRUIT!
    I just think this is AWESOME!!!
    Let me know the details on sending you book donations...we would really like that to be a part of our service for others during our upcoming Advent Season!


Your comment is very much appreciated. But please know that my young homeschoolers will be reading this also. Thank you.
Looking forward to visit you.